Guestmix by Jamie Drouin

This is the third in our weekly Guestmix series, where a different artist will be featured every Saturday until the end of 2020! This week we welcome British Canadian multimedia artist Jamie Drouin to the program. He also runs Infrequency Editions, a label that is always worth a double take. His focus on soundtracks and emphasis on classical tonalities, sound effects and field recordings has an incredible timeless sensibility. Drouin indulges us in incredible “off-camera” subtleties, like a true radio play in progress.

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More often than not, I find myself looking backward, rather than forward to find inspiration in music, sound, and art. The impulse for this mix for Toneshift was to assemble works which had left unique marks on my developing ears, and contained seeds of what would later germinate into my own work in sound composition. It’s no coincidence that most of these recordings are from motion picture soundtracks – given the lack of experimental local radio stations or record stores while growing up, my sole exposure to adventurous electronic and tape-based music was through movies and television. But it is the soundtracks, divorced of their intended visual counterparts, which stay with me, and best exemplify sound/music’s utterly fascinating capacity as an medium for abstract thought.” – Jamie Drouin

Featuring: Gil Mellé, Åke Andersson & Antero Honkanen, Aminadav Aloni, Henri Chopin, Arthur Lipsett.

NEXT WEEK: Rafael Anton Irisarri

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