VipCancro | Su Se Stesso (Lisca)Psychological Strategy Board | Sophia 6/Alter (Dog Tunnel) Each of these new releases are just under a half hour, so it made sense to have a look at these side-by-side, and what’s new in short form – otherwise there’s no distinguishable connection than run time. Sophia 6/Alter via Bandcamp Paul […]

This is our first-ever podcast Guestmix collaboration, here with Zurich-based sound artist Simon Grab. This is an opportunity for an artist to share works that have inspired them or made them think twice, including mixing their own work in for good measure, as is here. His astute ear brings us some seriously odd bits from […]

Yair Etziony | Ensemble (False Industries: CS/DL)Shasta Cults | Shasta Cults (Important Records: LP/DL) It’s always one of my favorite opportunities to follow-up on an artist’s work who I have heard somewhat recently to find any new motivations in their trajectory. Last year I reviewed Yair Etziony‘s Albion Remixes which I particularly enjoyed for its […]

We’ve scoured the most interesting sounds being emitted of late and have come up with eleven short gems to stir things up. This week featuring new work from: K.Pierco, Paul Weller, Jan Willem Troost & Henry Vega, submeet, Sádon, Mute Duo, Li Yilei, Chantal Dumas, Can Can Heads, Joe Colley and our friend Darren McClure. […]

Rites of Fall | Towards the Blackest SkiesLeidforschung (LP/DL) The latest from Warsaw-based solo project Rites of Fall is Towards the Blackest Skies, and its both harmonic and edgy in its dark passages and little nuances brought by guest performers: Jan Wierzbicki (double bass) on the opener Afterflesh. Elsewhere on the record you can also […]