The 7th Plain (Luke Slater) | Chronicles I-III A-TON (LP/CD//DL) Luke Slater (here as The 7th Plain) is a household name to most rave/techno devotees of the 90’s into the present. Chronicles is an epic project, perhaps Slater’s cosmic alt persona focused on more emotionally charged work as “a response to those hallucinatory, spiritual, but […]

Tender Buttons | Forbidden Symmetries Rastascan Records (LP/DL) The Bay Area has an afterglow with the latest minimal abstractions from Tender Buttons, Forbidden Symmetries (Rastascan Records). The trio creates an intersection between post-jazz and nu-classical, but bring their own blend of silences and cosmic effects to this record that includes two lengthy tracks, one per […]

Michiru Aoyama | Brilliant Days Mirae Arts (LP/DL) Broken into two untitled pieces that run just under twenty minutes each per side comes Brilliant Days from Japanese musician/producer Michiru Aoyama. Through and through this is a jewel-toned ambient record with a pace that rings of other traditional music from Japan, mostly meaning that it takes time and […]

MAAT | The Next Pacific City Sound Visions (LP/DL) MAAT is an archival nugget from the early 90s, a solo project by Hamburg artist Dörte Marth (Xyramat) – and what a strange delight it is. On wax, this’ll be limited to a total of 280 copies (on Bandcamp it lists as only 100), so if you […]

Luigi Turra | Fukinsei mAtter (LP/DL) Two years after his “Alea” release on the LINE imprint, Luigi Turra returns with a collection of new explorations in microsound on the Tokyo-based mAtter label.  Fukinsei finds the Italian sound artist continuing his investigations into abstract structures of lowercase sound, silence and the delicate balance between the two. This […]

PLYXY | GloryLandHallow Ground (12″/DL) There is something fairly old-hat about describing an aesthetic creation as ‘beautiful’, and to do so feels somewhat at odds with my distinctly post-modern roots. Contemporary works of art are surely beyond the consideration of beauty, a category that feels as though it should be consigned forever to the dustbin […]

For the last three months we have truly been inundated with diverse new releases, and because of volume and curation many of them miss hitting the pixels we produce here at We are so lucky to be able to have access to such a wide breadth of innovative sounds. Out of these numerous works […]

Mumdance | Shared Meanings Shared Meanings (12″/CS/DL) Curated and compiled by Jack Adams under his Mumdance alias, Shared Meanings is an expansive project taking in a mixed and non-mixed version, a 12” of selected tracks and even a limited edition cassette for the tape collectors out there. The 32 track mix covers a lot of […]

We Will Fail | Dancing Refined Productions (12″/CD/DL) Released tomorrow from Warsaw’s We Will Fail (Aleksandra Grünholz) and is her latest, Dancing. Nicely mastered by Stefan Betke (aka Pole) the record has the feel of this strange intersection between instrumental pop/rock/techno and some sort of spicy contemporary chamber music. It’s got the beats, but a […]

Ilpo Väisänen | Syntetisaattori Musiikkia Kuopiosta KVITNU (12″/DL) There is often only the faintest line between simplicity and complexity, between sparsity and richness, and it is upon this interval that Ilpo Väisänen’s Syntetisaattori Musiikkia Kuopiosta rests. It is not so much that Väisänen’s work is fragile – he has built his career upon both Pan […]

UUUU |self-titled Editions Mego (12″/DL) UUUU consist of a quartet of original musicians and sonic collaborators and members of Coil, Wire and Tomaga: Edvard Graham Lewis, Valentina Magaletti, Matthew Simms & Thighpaulsandra. Their self-titled EP includes two tracks and is released today. Side one is the trippy mindmeld of Electric Blanket. It’s an investigation of […]

Maria W Horn |Kontrapoetik Portals Editions / XKatedral (12″/DL) Review by Giuseppe Pisano Co-operator in the tape label XKatedral and part of the Sthlm Drone Society, an association whose mission is to encourage and promote slow textural music, Maria W Horn quickly rose to be one of the most prominent names in the Swedish drone […]

Lawrence | Illusion Dial (2xLP/CD) Out this week is the eighth full-length recording since 2002 from Berlin’s Lawrence (Peter M. Kersten) – here appearing on Dial for the first time since 2013, the label he helped co-found back in Y2K. Illusion is saturated in bubbly, fun sonic electronics. The cover art by Robin Bruch, with […]

Motional x Grand Ciel | Ater/Iterare Mt. Gargan Records (LP/DL) This is an interesting project, for its content, context and physical manifestations. This split record contains eleven tracks, Ater by Raphaël Durand aka Motional (five tracks) and Iterare by Jean-Cédric Lazare aka Grand Ciel (6 tracks), both of these electronic producer/artists originate out of Limoges, France. They […]

Joel Cahen | Aquadelique Adaadat (LP/CD/DL) Released this upcoming weekend is Aquadelique, the abstract aquatic fantasy by experimental electronic artist Joel Cahen on London’s Adaadat imprint. This is a production from the Wet Sounds series, underwater concerts. Let’s dive in, shall we?! The release of Aquadelique coincides with performances at pools in both London and […]

Co La | Sensory Dub Example Orange Milk Records (12″/DL) Two years in the making, and worth every second here is Sensory Dub Example from Co La (Matt Papich) with his first long-form single-sided 20 minute piece – donning a rad Yves Tanguyesque cover by Keith Rankin who has designed many an interesting release. He’s […]

Catherine Christer Hennix | Selected Early Keyboard Works Empty Editions/Blank Forms (2xLP/DL) I’m always thrilled when I have the opportunity, amidst so much new talent that I’m exposed to regularly, to discover an artist’s work, an experienced septuagenarian, for the very first time. Four of Swedish composer (and Renaissance woman) Catherine Christer Hennix‘s works are […]

R.A.N. | Şeb-i Yelda Karlrecords (12″/DL) Berlin-based Turkish artist Hüma Utku, better known as R.A.N. (short for Roads at Night) releases her first recording since 2015 with a four track 12″ EP, Şeb-i Yelda – and it opens with the title track. A disgorged drone roams freely, and its bloated mane crisscrosses through the entire […]