A new wizard’s in town – Goldfrapp Pinball. It’s a brand-new app on iTunes, and it’s free! It allows you to remix Goldfrapp’s music as you play. Featuring samples from their latest album Head First, a tap of the finger on the iPhone screen powers the ball and sets its path through an imaginary urban […]

There’s an increasing number of odd and interesting apps out there that further extend the tendrils of the electronic music community. One such newly released app is Somnium, created by 14 year old John Bergin (get it for $.99 here). Featuring the work of ambient composer Robert Rich this was built for the iPhone and […]

From Interval Studios (makers of superDraw) Morgan Packard talks about the new multitouch program he and Joshue Ott created called Thicket, a fun user-driven a/v app for your iPhone or iPad!

There’s a new iPhone interactive app out there called SYNK and this time it’s coming from the studios of Richie Hawtin (Plastikman) and developer Rob Fischer. This is released just in time for an upcoming 11-date tour Hawtin is embarking on through Europe and the US (Coachella on 4/18) that includes a whole new arsenal […]