ON THE 12TH MONTH OF…..♬ Aside from the dusty white scapes of Bing Crosby, Burl Ives and the overly spangled reveals of Mariah Carey there are plenty of non-seasonal sounds wafting through the holiday airwaves that have nothing in common with tradition whatsoever. Or do they? Well, they sure do here at Toneshift where the […]

The following is my conversation with Aume, a Pacific coast duo consisting of Scot Jenerik (F-Space, 23five) & Aleph Omega (Chrome, F-Space, Altar De Fey) in preparation for their October release of CQ CQ on Mobilization Records – their third full length. Any ‘instructions’ herein are not (necessarily) endorsed by Toneshift.net or any of our […]

A dozen years ago while working on adapting my visual installation work with commissioned soundtracks by various international composers I had the pleasure of working with the incredibly talented Robin Rimbaud (Scanner). For one of my installations I paired his with a young video artist, Ryan Jeffery (no based in LA) who previously presented at […]

Olivia Block | 132 Ranks Room40 (CD/DL) I first heard of composer Olivia Block in the early 00’s when she was collaborating with Seth Nehil on the risk-taking Sedimental imprint. In the ensuing years, this here is her thirteenth record on Room40, either solo or collaborative, and her sound has only become more robust than […]

Releasing in one month’s time is the latest, a deluxe double vinyl set of work by Mexican electronic sound artist Murcof (aka Fernando Corona). This time around he’s collaborating with multimedia artist Patrick Bernatchez with a soundtrack for his film, which judging by the short preview reels looks quite spectacular. Of Corona’s many releases since […]

Here’s a sneak preview of lauded Quebec-based sound bender Herman Kolgen‘s latest work, a performance/installation based on two years of collaboration with researchers Jean-Charles Thomas and then Thomas Roger. The ‘sonic scientist’ is ever-reinventing himself and has conceived a system linked to an interpretation of the GANIL research activities for a visual and sound performance […]

It’s always a good day when I have the opportunity to listen to and review a fellow interdisciplinary artist. And here we have Portuguese experimenter Vitor Joaquim and his ninth solo effort, the self-released Impermanence (USB & DL) out on June 7. There’s a lot going on here, so listen closely. Being both a multi-instrumentalist […]

(above) screencaptured images via YouTube Daniel Avery‘s Song for Alpha (Mute) just released last month, has now become a fully realized visual album experience with over an hour’s worth of dynamic manipulated visuals courtesy of Londoners Matt Bateman and Rob Slater, otherwise known as Flat-e, similar to those broadcast during live performances. The duo has […]

Kesh is a short, sweet composition by Ursula K. Le Guin (1929-2018) and Todd Barton. Recently re-released this CD/LP version of Music and Poetry of the Kesh (RVNG Intl.) has been captured in this solitary Vanessa Renwick film short. The thirty-three year old recording sounds so fresh here, and were previously only available via cassette […]

RECOMMENDED VIEWING: A very cool short documentary directed by Sam Campbell on modern field recordists is now out via The Vinyl Factory and includes appearances by Nabihah Iqbal, Equiknoxx, Lonelady, David Chatton Barker, Lawrence English, Félicia Atkinson, Jonáš Gruska and Cheryl Tipp. Beautifully captured, with musings by each artist about their craft. The video travels […]

One-time shameless self-promo: My first book of photographic work is finally available + now shipping worldwide. Shooting Blanks took a full decade from concept to completion, and is limited to only 100 copies, 50 of which is available with an exclusive archival print. They are each numbered and signed. The series were shot between 2008-2013 […]

MAKING (+ Breaking) SOUND BARRIERS + TAKING NAMES!: Compilations are often a dime a dozen, ordinarily they are showcases for a label, and unless the material is exclusive to it, are a bit of a hard sell in general. Though, I always give them a spin, for context, for the hopeful discovery of hidden gems. […]

The latest out on French indie label Elli Records is from Australian Tom Hall, an a/v artist living in Los Angeles. Spectra took two years to record (2015-17) and is released (CD, Cassette, Digital) on June 5th. If you like the Stranger Things theme song, this is in that sci-fi synth soundtrack universe with a […]

In his second EP on Hyperdub Records here is Doon Kanda (aka Jesse Kanda) with the low-brow soft beats of Luna. In seven short tracks this release is subtly groovy and laidback as heard on the bright and intentionally old school synth sounding title track. It’s fueled by comic simplicity, and hidden Jamaican themes woven […]

With events in the Netherlands coming up this week artist and organizer Kim Cascone took a bit of time to share a bit more about what to expect from the 2018 version of the Drone Cinema Film Festival, kicking off this Saturday in Leiden, then back in the U.S. for a presentation in Seattle. This […]

For April it makes sense to have a long gander at what is growing in the garden of unearthed video delights in the moment. And by george, we’ve plucked, what I hope may be a blend of future shock and other irrational stock. Keep in mind that many of these cuts are singles and/or fall […]

From Khem One, an ensemble composed by Kim Cascone (Silent Records) comes a half-hour of moody guitar studies, Modal Gauzes No. 1. This very limited edition of only 50 was especially prepared for the upcoming 4th Annual Drone Cinema Festival taking place at the Chapel Performance Space (Seattle) on April 21st – Cascone also acts […]

The latest multi-media album by Terre Thaemlitz is Deproduction (Comatonse Recordings) and it’s one of the Japan-based Midwestern-born artist’s most enticing and profound ever. Consisting of a duo of tracks that each run 42:50 in length, with three bonus tracks that run an additional 38 minutes or so. The atmosphere is intense from the start. […]

Here at Toneshift we will feature some of the more interesting, creative videos out there, circulating monthly. Since this is our first month back in a while, we thought to kick things off with some really powerful pieces cultivated from the endless, far-reaching web. This month it’s all about the ladies making some serious waves. […]

RISING IMPROVISORS: Regular Music is Portland’s synth trio who combine jazz, electronica and space age psychedelics. The compact disc (or CD) as a medium has very nearly become obsolete as people have evolved their listening habits towards new digital means. In defiance of current music trends, Compact Digital Audio cannot be downloaded. It only performs […]

This is BPitch Control with a video clip by We Love – filmed inside Personal Disco (installation of Patrizio Travagli): it is a booth-shaped structure made of glass and metal, accessible to one person only. Music and light effects react and multiply the characters. There are no digital effects but it’s a mirror box! In […]