With events in the Netherlands coming up this week artist and organizer Kim Cascone took a bit of time to share a bit more about what to expect from the 2018 version of the Drone Cinema Film Festival, kicking off this Saturday in Leiden, then back in the U.S. for a presentation in Seattle. This […]

From Khem One, an ensemble composed by Kim Cascone (Silent Records) comes a half-hour of moody guitar studies, Modal Gauzes No. 1. This very limited edition of only 50 was especially prepared for the upcoming 4th Annual Drone Cinema Festival taking place at the Chapel Performance Space (Seattle) on April 21st – Cascone also acts […]

October 2010 Lo Dubs Showcase In a festival that included several repeat performances in its seventh year, London’s Dan Richmond, known as Clubroot, was among Decibel’s biggest surprises. His dubstep set at the cozy Baltic Room was steeped in deep abstract chords of claptrap beats, and smooth harmonics. The open-faced rhythms drew a small swarm […]

Founded in 1998 [The User]have created a work which transforms obsolete office technology into an instrument for musical performance. It toured for two years in the late 90s and now is back as part of the emerging TodaysArt 2010 taking place in The Hague on September 24-25. The festival looks very promising and is now […]

Adding to the earlier report of performers featured in this year’s version of Mutek are the next wave of twenty sound artists including Pimmon, Nurse With Wound and Montreal’s-own Herman Kolgen. Sounds eclectic as usual and though my personal travel plans and participation is on the fence I will most certainly be there in spirit […]

Activating the Medium XIII takes to the streets of San Francisco from April 16-17, brought on by the incredible minds behind 23five Incorporated. This year’s event includes two chapters at The Lab (Swissnex). Performances by Adam Sondenberg, Rale (performing Lovely Limb of the House) and G*Park (Marc Zeier) among others. The organization site mentions Arte […]

The 6th annual Qwartz Exposition Internationale de la Creation Independante Electronic Music Awards converges on Paris from April 2-3. This year’s Présidence d’Honneur is non other than 12K’s director, composer Taylor Deupree. More about the awards here. You can view clips from past renditions of this incredible showcase of some of the best international intermedia […]

The (other) International Digital Arts Festival in Montreal is eleven years old! In celebration the superb Elektra (May 5-9) has just been co-bestowed with the 25th Grand Prix du Conseil des arts de Montréal (along with Mutek, interestingly enough). Congratulations! In today’s announcement of their first artists to perform this year they noted a Raster-Noton […]

JUNE 2010: One of the leading international electronic music events releases the first glance at artists performing at this year’s 11th Annual Mutek Festival in Montreal. I’ve really enjoyed my travels to Quebec for this, and last year was quite special – intimate and overwhelming experiences to be had in/outdoors. Always on the cutting edge […]