Iain Chambers | The Eccentric Press Persistence of Sound (DL) The Eccentric Press occupies that middle ground between classical composition and Musique Concrete – a deftly arranged series of non-musical sounds that nonetheless are treated, from a structural perspective, with a resoundingly musical sense of timing and pace.  It is not exactly novel, nor does […]

Raffaele Pezzella has been very active in the past year producing and divulging experimental music from remote areas of the world such as Africa, Lebanon, Russia and Iran showing that often, beyond the vestiges of cultural post-colonialism, there is a realm of very skilled artists that are totally extraneous to our environment. I was lucky […]

MAKING (+ Breaking) SOUND BARRIERS + TAKING NAMES!: Compilations are often a dime a dozen, ordinarily they are showcases for a label, and unless the material is exclusive to it, are a bit of a hard sell in general. Though, I always give them a spin, for context, for the hopeful discovery of hidden gems. […]

Right There is a packed platter of seven new tracks from the house of Cologne’s Karaoke Kalk. The title track just dropped a few weeks ago and is making waves as shy and ambivalent at first then building rather quickly with a percussive jazzy bent. This is the third such vinyl by Berlin musician Ant […]

        Originally published 4/28/2010   TJ Norris :: Greetings from the Northwest USA! So, I hear there may be a resurgence for the label Mille Plateaux, yes? How would you describe your role? Marcus Gabler :: I do everything. A&R is the most important of course, but I also do Business Development, […]

The latest collaborative disc between Ethan Rose and Laura Gibson is a gentle breeze. I’m gonna generously deem their sound ‘field folk’ for its calm balance between lush, warm vocals and recordings from the environment that have been digitally processed and layered like fine Irish linen. This gem entitled Bridge Carols is out now on […]

Bundle up your post-electronica knapsacks and other gear so you can gather ’round the virtual bonfire for a dose of Carhartt|Radio and an interview with Thorsten Lütz who has brought on the noise of the incredible Berlin-based Karaoke Kalk with over 60 releases in the last dozen years! The latest of which is Kalk Pets […]