THE CUT: Due to our just concluded Interview Series, and because of the influx of so many interesting records flowing through our office in a short period of time, it makes sense to do our first-ever Toneshift Shorts. This will be a random inclusion in our programming that may pop-up at anytime, but especially when […]

This month Toneshift is curating a selection of conversations with international sound artists. The series runs for the entire span of May, however, during this time we have received a number of outstanding work in various genres and hybrids thereof, some which it would be a shame to overlook despite our primary focus at the […]

ON THE 12TH MONTH OF…..♬ Aside from the dusty white scapes of Bing Crosby, Burl Ives and the overly spangled reveals of Mariah Carey there are plenty of non-seasonal sounds wafting through the holiday airwaves that have nothing in common with tradition whatsoever. Or do they? Well, they sure do here at Toneshift where the […]

On Friday: Stand with Bandcamp to Protect Voting Rights for All Though is in no way a political forum, we do believe in general fairness, especially when it comes to our unalienable right to vote. This is going to be an incredibly impactful midterm election period in the US, so it is refreshing to see […]

Yoko Ono‘s chilling new full-length album Warzone (Chimera Music) will be released in October, though we are getting a glimpse of it with a few months advance with a video depicting the title track. One of the exciting things for me, aside from getting a new recording from Ono, who always puts out intriguing work, […]

Here’s a sneak preview of lauded Quebec-based sound bender Herman Kolgen‘s latest work, a performance/installation based on two years of collaboration with researchers Jean-Charles Thomas and then Thomas Roger. The ‘sonic scientist’ is ever-reinventing himself and has conceived a system linked to an interpretation of the GANIL research activities for a visual and sound performance […]

The box set (Deluxe and Standard CD editions, Vinyl set) that some of us have been waiting for, for decades. This is a retrospective of one of modern electronic music’s most significant maestros, here is Brian Eno‘s Music for Installations (Opal Records). And happy birthday to him, a septuagenarian just today in fact. The collection […]

GOT DATO?: This quirky instrument, built in the Netherlands, is a sight to behold, that makes sounds that are strangely quirky and retro. What’s even more fun, is that the controls are set up as a two-sided console so it’s not all just flashy lights and colorful buttons, it’s a plug-n-play synth that will encourage […]

1976-2010: Italian electronic musician and producer Mario Masullo has passed. He released a handful of funky quiet techno records between ’03-’09 on labels like defrag//, BMG, Pimps Ride Free, DSP and Persistencebit Records. Masullo started the project Defrag Sound Processing (DSP-Recordings) with Davide Rovito, Pasquale Basso and Carlo Notarangelo, which became one of the most […]