Asmus Tietchens and Dirk Serries | AirNew Wave of Jazz (CD/DL) In just a couple years Dirk Serries‘ A New Wave of Jazz imprint has amassed quite a collection of diverse works that may impart some new variant of jazz and electronic music. Here alongside the venerable experimental electronic composer Asmus Tietchens, who Serries has […]

Bonnie Baxter | AxisHausu Mountain Records (CS/DL) If you’re craving discombobulating effects and animated play, this is a red-hot pick. Brooklyn-based producer Bonnie Baxter has plenty up her sleeve, and Axis is a delusional, slippery ride into a dramatically imaginary world in a dozen short tracks from leftfield. Dreamy yet nightmarish, experimental to a fault, […]

When | Jogging Housedauw (Cassette/DL) Although the limited and special edition packages are sold out, cassettes of Jogging House‘s When are available after a slight manufacturing mishap.  Femke Strijbol’s graphic design for the album is a fine fit for the soothing and big-bass infused electro-ambient music.  Dauw, a Ghent-based tape label, seeks to ‘create unique […]

People Like Us | The MirrorDiscrepant (LP/DL) People Like Us (Vicki Bennett) has most definitely left her indelible mark on the world of experimental sound since the early 90’s, now and forever. Released on vinyl by Discrepant these eleven tracks on The Mirror were previously out on CD last year (Cutting Hedge). Bennett’s signature brand […]

Netherworld | Algida BellezzaGlacial Movements (CD/DL) Dedicated to the birth of his daughter in 2015 we have the new recording by Rome’s Netherworld (Alessandro Tedeschi), Algida Bellezza (which may roughly translate to “beauty in Algier“). Singlehandedly using the Roland VP9000, his chilly atmospheres offering something altogether of the most compelling of ambient today, dare I […]

John Chantler | Tomorrow Is Too LateRoom40 (LP/CD/DL) Since Y2K Australian artist John Chantler (b. Sweden) has been dialating quizzical microtonal sounds into shaped utopias. On Tomorrow Is Too Late he’s found a sweet spot, though it’s more in the realm of post-classical in these two lengthy compositions than ever before. His is an industrious […]