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Welcome to Toneshift: The Future of Music, Today! We are a daily review-based magazine focused on experimental/electronic work. We broke ground in 2010, and reinvented ourselves in 2018 to present the most evocative, non-mainstream concepts in sound. Our readers have a great sense of taste so we always offer a curated selection for our those who expect the unexpected. Our ever-shifting focus is to offer the most diverse international scope.


If you have a tip, or are a budding writer that needs to scratch that itch, if you have made or know of a record that is deserving of critical attention, and fits within our scope, or if you just want to shoot the s*it about anything sound-oriented:


SUBMISSIONS / 1-2-3: Before You Submit Your Work!

  1. Have a look around the site + become familiar with what we review;
  2. If you have released a physical hard copy (LP, CD, Tape) consider sending to us. Remember to forward your release in advance of drop date.
  3. For Digital-Only releases: Please send us MP3 +/or WAV files – or Bandcamp codes. You may also send us .ZIP files via WeTransfer (and like services).

Contact us for our mailing address or with any other questions you may have. If your recording is over three months past release date we likely will not review it, but still encourage you to send it along for our archives, we are always open to introductions! We listen to all submissions.



TJ Norris is a multidisciplinary artist (and sometimes curator) living in Fort Worth. His work is included in many private and public collections internationally. Some of the publications he has written for include: ARTnews, Leonardo (MIT Press), XLR8R, Willamette Week,, Dusted, Signal to Noise Magazine,, Paris Transatlantic, Resident Advisor, ie Magazine, Igloo Magazine, Vital Weekly, Art Ltd. and many others. His first monograph, Shooting Blanks, was recently released and reviews are starting to appear. After Norris closed his a/v projects space, Soundvision in 2003 he traveled to lead sonic sound oriented panels and discussions at various music festivals including: Mutek (2007, Breaking Barriers in the Audio/Visual Divide), Decibel (2005, The Relationship Between Technology and Art); and Intransitive (2004, Sound and Geography: Community and Place in Experimental Music). He was a media correspondent for Sonar (Barcelona, 2003). As we grow, we plan on adding a few additional regular guest writers to contribute reviews and content.

Opinions are not facts.

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