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Toneshift celebrates our 10th Anniversary in February 2020! Our site defers back to at that time as our main focus is now our podcast. We are an artist-run program, a community, so remember to tell a friend (follow, share, re-post, etc.). Between 2010-2019 we have been known as a daily review magazine, presenting a critique of non-mainstream concepts in sound. Toneshift‘s shift in our format will focus on offering a curatorial selection of international experimental/electronic sound work in a variety of forms. Expect the unexpected.

The Future of Music Today: One Record At A Time


This is our social media. If you have a tip or if you have made or know of a record that is deserving of critical attention, and fits within our scope, or if you just want to shoot the s*it about anything sound-oriented. Contact for mailing address:



Things have changed. As of 2020 our primary focus is exclusively on our podcast. Make sure to familiarize yourself with what we cover before sending us promo material. We consider any length recording or collections, singles, EPs and compilations. It’s always preferable to receive physical copies (LP, CD, Tape, SD cards) for full consideration, plus we have a decent archive that will one day be donated to a non-profit library. We will continue producing a weekly show (every Wednesday) as well as various weekend podcasts including our weekly Guestmix series (Saturdays) + monthlies: Label Spotlight, and Bleaeck (dedicated to drone). We will also occasionally present one of our sub-series: Origins, which digs up obscure cult classics. Shows range between 30 minutes to an hour in duration.

Please also remember to forward your release in advance of drop date, so we can help generate some buzz. Send us digital files via email, WeTransfer or Bandcamp (w/code). We do not consider via streaming services. We listen to all submissions but cannot provide individual feedback due to the quantity received. We have a curatorial approach. Please understand that if we do not feature your work, we may next time and it is not a reflection of the quality of your work, we simply have limited resources.


TJ Norris (USA)
Publisher/Contributor/Founder (circa 2010)

Norris is a Texas-based multidisciplinary artist and writer (and sometimes curator) who grew up in New England and has lived in Oregon, Washington, Nebraska and Nova Scotia. Norris’ work blends a philosophical approach to dealing with urban/architectural issues in his work that incorporates conceptual photography, sculpture and experiential installation. His 1st monograph, the critically lauded ‘Shooting Blanks‘ was recently published in 2018. His work is included in many private and public collections internationally. Selected publications he has written for include: ARTnews, Leonardo (MIT Press), XLR8R, Willamette Week,, Signal to Noise Magazine,, Paris Transatlantic, Resident Advisor, Igloo Magazine, Vital Weekly, Art Ltd. and others. After Norris closed his a/v project space, Soundvision in 2003 he led panel discussions at various music festivals including: Mutek (2007, Breaking Barriers in the Audio/Visual Divide), Decibel (2005, The Relationship Between Technology and Art); and Intransitive (2004, Sound and Geography: Community and Place in Experimental Music). He was a media correspondent for Sonar (Barcelona, 2003).

COLLABORATIONS: Norris proudly celebrates a history of collaborations. In the past few decades he’s worked with several artists you may already be familiar with including: Monty Adkins, Aranos, Beequeen, Mark Behrens, Richard Chartier, Taylor Deupree, Eso Steel, Richard Francis, Freiband (Frans de Waard), Gal, Bill Horist, Illusion of Safety (Dan Burke), Mokira (Andreas Tilliander), Seth Nehil, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, RAIC, Rapoon (Robin Storey), Christian Renou (Brume), Steve Roden, Scanner (Robin Rimbaud), Janek Schaefer, S.E.T.I. (Andrew Lagowski), Nobukazu Takemura, Tennis (Ben Edwards, Douglas Benford), Terre Thaemlitz, Asmus Tietchens, Troum, Ultra Milkmaids, Vidna Obmana and Zimoun, among others. His work has been shown throughout North America, Europe and Sweden and is in the collections of the prestigious Vanhaerents Collection (Brussels), Amon Carter Museum of American Art, Fuller Museum of Art, Museo de la Ciudad (Mexico City) and RACC’s Visual Chronicle collection (Portland, OR).

In addition, Norris has worked with several artists, sometimes producing cover art for various releases including his own compilations on Beta-lactam Ring Records and Innova Recordings as well as others appearing on Discogs. His latest series is titled Urban Juxtaposition for which he is collaborating with to date: Quest (Frans de Waard), Leumann (Manuel Parisella), Nathan Moody, RAIC and Peter Wullen. He has collaborated, curated and/or exhibited his work alongside some of the world’s most accomplished artists (and others) including: Russell A. Kirsch (inventor of the pixel), John Waters, Bea Nettles, Robert Adams, Candida Höfer, Nayland Blake, Arthur Tress, Gordon Matta-Clark, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Joseph Kosuth, Matthew Barney, Thomas Ruff, Bill Viola, Elmgreen & Dragset, Gregory Crewdson, among countless others.  More:


Saul Bleaeck, Samuel Goff, Karl Grümpe, Daniel Alexander Hignell, Darren McClure, Giuseppe Pisano, Massimo Ricci, Ljubinko Zivkovic


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