In this episode of our random, and ongoing Origins series you can expect the unexpected, with some beats, puzzling additions, some quirky, some mathematical. This episode attempts to cover tracks released over the past four decades, with the intent of delivering something with a sense of ease and grace. If your ears are tickled why […]

Though the decade has just started, we have produced a number of shows, and new series, to assist in keeping you warm (or chill) through the seasons, depending on your own personal climate and mood. And while not ‘mood music’ per se, there is something for all ears in this batch. So why not crank […]

Italian sound artist Massimo Toniutti brings his eclectic sensibility to our ongoing Guestmix series (every Saturday in 2020). We fell in love with Black Truffle’s re-release of Il Museo Selvatico and it has since become one of my favorite records. Toniutti’s been exploring sound since the early 80’s and his extensive tracklist will give you […]

An itch to scratch. ONE-OFF: And now for something completely different. Here are just a few of my personal “Guilty Pleasures” – songs that, not for trying, you just can’t get out of your head! Like a personal mix-tape for the gym? For shadow dancing (shadow boxing?). Please pardon the intrusion, the minor flight of […]

For years I considered sound, in general, to be one of the more passive senses, except when engaged at a concert, or while curled up to a favorite record. Then I entered my early teens. Looking back, pot multiple decades, how naive I must have been. These days I find, even passive listening, to be […]

The twang and meandering tones here and there will put you into a new headspace, and we could all use that sense of shift, yes? With a new decade and all? Sounds from as far as Lithuania and Singapore, Portugal and Ireland, Norway and Germany. You have the whole world, in your ears! FOLLOW / […]