Selvedge | Don’t Sweat Infinity (Wormhole)Jack Hyde | Lowlands (Whitelabrecs)Danny Scott Lane | Memory Record (Shimmering Moods) Falling as briskly as the dried multicolored leaves, three ambient records for mid November have arrived, and they are each intricate and lofty in their own right. These each are solo works (US + UK) and appear on […]

Tim Walters | Neither Here Nor ThereVauxflores Industrial (CD) Composed “on the bus” the latest from artist/composer Tim Walters, Neither Here Nor There, mastered here by the incredibly talented Thomas Dimuzio. Though this may be conceptually between places, it feels as though it has arrived, even from the very beginning of The Philadelphia Chromosome. Sure, […]

MME dUO | awholerunboomMakiphon (2xLP/DL) This is quite a debut by the pairing of duo Patricia Koellges and Tamara Lorenz here known as MME dUO. awholerunboom (on Makiphon) is comprised of twenty-one tracks, varying in length from under a minute to over ten. Quite a layered collage style from the Cologne-based artists, using voice, loops […]

Two new releases just out from Stuttgart’s Cosmic Winnetou who have amassed a nice catalogue in the past seven years, however this is my intro to their world. These two are only reference points to what you might find while perusing their catalogue, and are quietly different, from Navel and Günter Schlienz respectively. Navel is […]

Ecker & Meulyzer | CarbonSubtext Recordings (CD/DL) The atmospheric tones are recessed, a bit detached, on duo Ecker & Meulyzer‘s Carbon. When the strings are introduced into the cavernous mix of flying shards and air bursts, something impressive rises from nowhere. For some context I found the cover image compelling because I recognized it immediately […]

Åyusp | Åyuspself-released (CD) The Sheffield (UK) duo isn’t shy about their shared kosmische influence. They (Graham McElearney and Paul Mills) have put together a cosmic joy-ride of uniquely blended stylings with the self-titled album, Åyusp [“Oy-usp”].  An overall concept isn’t readily exoteric.  However, the October 7th release is made-up of five heady tracks which cumulatively […]

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