SPK | LeichenschreiOld Europa Cafe (CD) Leichenschrei (German for “corpse scream”) is/was a record originally released thirty-seven years ago (1982) as the sophomore effort by Australian avant noise project SPK (or Socialistisches Patienten Kollektiv) headed by Graeme Revell who wrote a brand-new statement for the inner packaging. This industrial outfit changed hands on deck and […]

Nathan Moody | ShadesNoisejockey (CS/DL) Californian sound designer and musician Nathan Moody adds to an already impressive catalogue of dark, expansive electronic music with this new album.  It finds the artist creating an immersive, and often oppressive, suite of tracks where glints of light only occasionally push through the cracks.  This is an album whose […]

Fahmi Mursyid | One Instrument SessionsOne Instrument (LP/DL) From Java, via the One Instrument record label, heralds the deep sensual organic compositions of the Fahmi Mursyid sessions.  Save for the press release, a listener may not comprehend that each of these six arrangements consist of one instrument each (all traditional Sundanese) – a strict guideline […]

yolabmi | Life in a ShellVaagner/Vaknar (CS/DL) Japanese producer yolabmi has been making his unique soundscapes for the last few years, and work has cropped up on compilations and suddenly this year on at least three cassette tapes on various labels. He’s likely one of those rare artists to keep an eye on as his […]

Botho Cochois | Viscous Cottonself-released (DL) For a presumed debut, described as having: “sharp-edged drones which enshroud electroacoustic rustle and fragments of field recordings” this new self-released, download-only from German sound-collagist Botho Cochois is dead on the money with the senses-working-overtime title, Viscous Cotton. Five engaging tracks of spatial drone that seems to be filtered […]

Futurebum | Zomiaself-released (DL) Review by: Anastasiia Romanova(Guest Writer) Impressions of Zomia are difficult to put words in, so I have to use a number of abstract concepts. It is a multifaceted meditation, an absolute departure into another reality. A wide musical – sound material created by the artist is developing dynamically, but at a […]