Roland Bucher | ViajeHallow Ground (LP/DL) From Swiss composer Roland Bucher comes his latest entitled Viaje (translates into travel). This record was developed for noise table, developed by Bucher, where he manipulates objects via granular synthesis sampler. The results are somewhere between strange, pulsating drone work and abstract music concrete. Since most of the sounds […]

On Corrosion | Various ArtistsThe Helen Scarsdale Agency (10xCS/Box) Enclosed in this sweet handcrafted wooden jewel-like box are ten separate tapes by as many artists as follows: Kleistwahr, Neutral, Pinkcourtesyphone, Alice Kemp, She Spread Sorrow, G*Park, Relay For Death, Francisco Meirino, Fossil Aerosol Mining Project, and Himukalt. This limited edition marks 50th release for the […]

Huma | EvaHedonic Reversal (LP/DL) The debut full length Eva by Huma (Andrés Satué) follows two previous 12″s (2016 + 2018) all on Hedonic Reversal, the label he co-founded out of beautiful Barcelona. Restrained, distant tumult at the outset brings wavy ambient drones on Adán. There’s an obvious stress point as this track softly wails […]

Aidan Baker | The Forever Tapes Broken Spine Productions (CS/DL) Guitarist and composer Aidan Baker has one of those discographies that make you feel tired when you examine the sheer girth of it. Known primarily for his work with ambient doom duo Nadja, Baker has traversed just about every cranny of the experimental and ambient […]

Erik Levander | InåtForwind (CD/DL) Swede Erik Levender presents Inåt (translation: Inwards).  Listeners have about thirty seconds to self-reflect before being pummeled with a devastating drop.  The synth-tones like wire; meshed together to form uneasy quakes.  High-pitched frequencies counter-weight luridly grim moments of de facto doom.  The cover art (Katharina Ira Allenberg) suggests a stoney self-examination; the […]

Ben Carey | AntimatterHospital Hill (LP/DL) The wobbling oscillations that open Peaks on the latest from sax player and composer Ben Carey‘s latest Antimatter, pop with animated flair. It’s an isolated, yet dynamic escapade in tonal play. The Australian experimentalist uses varies modular synthesis technologies to derive his striped, abstract sounds. Sometimes it wreaks of […]