Corey Fuller | Break12K (LP/CD/DL) Corey Fuller has been a mainstay on the 12k label for a number of years, as one half of Illuha.  Those albums explored a loose, free-flowing ambience and the duo’s live performances that I’ve seen owed a lot to improvisation.  On this solo album, Fuller has created a meticulously crafted […]

THE TONESHIFT TOP THREE: Though we managed to crank out more than four-hundred reviews in 2018, there were certain releases that broke the highest of expectations, or came in from left field here at Toneshift headquarters. Instead of another boring Top 10 list we decided to be extremely shrewd in our curation and pare down […]

In their first collaboration as a duo Portlander Marcus Fischer & Cambridge UK’s Simon Scott (Slowdive), both releasing separately on 12K, come together to Shape Memory. Out on June 1st in a CD edition of 500 as well as digitally via Bandcamp the two compose three tracks from tapes, cymbals, guitar and various electronics with […]

For over a dozen years now, Taylor Deupree‘s 12k label has been releasing quality abstract and minimal-electronics that “shift between the musical realms of gentle, pastoral ambience, dissonant noise collage and micro-techno”. Here’s a new sampler (only $4.99), for the uninitiated. This one is curated by artist and labelmaster Deupree, featuring an exclusive track put […]

TAYLOR DEUPREE Shoals 12K As part of an arts residency of the University of York’s New Aesthetics in Computer Music, Deupree recorded Shoals in the Fall of 2009. The title track curiously emerges up as its moniker refers, a shoal being a “sand bar in the bed of a body of water, especially one that […]

PJUSK Sval 12K The Norwegian duo Pjusk has really fleshed out their sound after their recording Sart. Here there’s a quiet cadence rippling through thick, dreamy tones. Just the perfect blend of ambient to minimal percussion. Reminds me of early work on Chain Reaction, without definitive beats, more organic and flowing here — gauzy and […]