Orphax | Saxophone Studies Moving Furniture Records (LP/CD/DL) Released in a week’s time comes a recording years in the making from Amsterdam’s Orphax (Sietse van Erve). Saxophone Studies consists of two lengthy electronic compositions (titled after the sax players’ initials) that are minimal and atmospheric – but the type where you may want to secure […]

Thomas Ankersmit | Homage To Dick Raaijmakers Shelter Press (LP/CD/DL) Based between Berlin and Amsterdam Ankersmit is a composer inspired here by the 1960’s work by Dutch electronic/tape-based musician/composer Dick Raaijmakers (1930-2013).  Created for Serge synthesizer he’s channeling the natural elements of weather systems in this thirty-five minute singular work. Instantly its an experimental world […]

OUT JUNE 29: When this record kicks off it’s a bit like changing channels on the radio dial as Cuck Rock invades the space in a jumbled hip-hop, rock and operatic overture. Berlin’s Nicolas Wiese is a chameleon artist and Unrelated (Karlrecords; LP/DL) may be his most sly effort to date. The vinyl is clear […]

Belarus-based Greek composer and installation artist Thanos Chrysakis releases his tenth solo record, Equinox (Aural Terrains). The ten neatly, distinct tracks incorporate vinyl hiss, lagoon waves, and other frequencies as presented on Kermes Vermilio. The mood is a bit mysterious, like a curious search expedition of sorts. It’s offbeat with scoping synths that suddenly come […]