Koeosaeme | ObanikeshiOrange Milk Recordings (LP/DL) Obanikeshi is the second album by the Japanese artist Ryu Yoshizawa (AKA Koeosaeme) released by Orange Milk Records. Thirteen short tracks featuring light speed electronic patchworks, glossy synthetic sounds and plastic pastel-neon, transparent noises. Like a digital machine gun, track after track, the artist fires out laser grains, bits […]

AS | Untitled Whereiswave (CS/DL) New Italian research collective Whereiswave has released their second tape this year, and they are on to something with this Untitled singular piece by AS (Alessio Sangregorio). The coverart describes the work, but I’ll try an put in my two cents as this one seems to dither between a moshpit […]

Jason Forrest | Fear City Cock Rock Disco (DL) On Jason Forrest‘s Fear City, his first record in seven long years, nothing is held back. Come to think of it this is likely true for his entire output since the earliest days as DJ donnasummer. Known for his incredibly edited cut-ups, think Christian Marclay, but […]