Sutekh Hexen | S/T Sentient Ruin Laboratories + Cyclic Law (2xCS/2xLP/DL) “Hermetic infrastructure of introvert brutality”                                            A locomotive from hell, smearing by-passers with absolute static filth and wonderful monolithic exaggeration! People, this is Sutekh Hexen hailing from USA, one of the most profound projects in the contemporary extreme scene; deconstructing black metal since 2012 […]

Ashtoreth | Rites I & IICyclic Law (LP/CD/DL) “Pendulum-like, ambient excursion” Here’s an interesting story. There was an amazing Belgian progressive, experimental hardcore band from Antwerp and their name was Maya. Until now, I consider their debut album as the epitome of hardcore progression, an utterly unrecognized gem and one of the most important hardcore […]

Bonini Bulga Sealed (Cyclic Law; CD/DL) Swedish sound-bender Pär Boström, here as Bonini Bulga, re-releases + expands his debut of 2017 (originally a self-released tape on Hypnagoga Press). In the hands of Cyclic Law the recording of Sealed is now minted into a limited run on CD (500 copies) with three more tracks (now running […]

Ajna Lucid Intrusion (Cyclic Law; CD; DL) The third eye chakra may be watching, at least by way of New York’s Ajna (Chris F) who has been making atmospheric records for a decade now. Lucid Intrusion (out 8/6) on Berlin imprint Cyclic Law is my introduction to his work and though it’s broken into nine […]