Pauline Oliveros | Reverberations 1 Important Records (LP) It is always hard to speak the right words when it comes to talk about classics. The work of Pauline Oliveros has been seminal for the experience of every composer, listener or simple aficionado who put their interest in electroacoustic music. Being part of that new group […]

Alan Gleeson | Beyond Torneo Vol. II Let In Music (DL) Part two of Beyond Torneo a three month release project in which Irish composer Alan Gleeson describes as “Themes such as neglect, decay, stagnation, and pollution of the real and imagined experience are explored. These themes are not necessarily the final destination, the work […]

Just released this month, Emanate is the latest and twenty-third full-length from Freiband (Frans de Waard), this time appearing on Silent Records. As one of many long-serving side projects for de Waard the hour-long affair is made up of two long tracks billed as Part 1 and Part 2. Similar to past recordings by the […]