It’s November and we have kissed the cruelty of summertime heat and drought goodbye. As seasons turn and churn as do what we have plugged into our ears. Whether you want to shake your tree, chill by the moon or let your freakiest flag fly, during this harvest there’s something for you. All released today, […]

An On Bast | Nothing Shapes Everything Marcus Fischer + Burke Jam | Vanitas øjeRum | on the swollen lips of the horizon Sonmi451 | Nachtmuziek Sven Laux + Daniela Orvin | The Writings Ambient is nothing new and its true roots are likely a bit of a mystery, cast in the shadows between a […]

The Green Kingdom | Expanses RemixesDronarivm (2xCD/DL)Michael Cottone has been steadily releasing albums of ambient electronic music under the guise of The Green Kingdom for many years.  Five years ago he issued Expanses on the Dronarivm label, his nod to classic ambient techno, with a personal twist of soft beats and gentle guitar strums.  This […]

This one sneaks up on your ears, whispers and moves with pretty tones, and brushed crackle n’ hiss. For The Summer, Or Forever by Northern Ireland’s Halftribe, released on Russian imprint Dronarivm on May 18th, is seductively laidback. The muted tonality is complemented by an “on holiday” pace such as heard on Swimming Off That […]

On March 30th Warsaw-based bvdub (Brock Van Wey) impressively releases his 30th full-length recording on the Russian label, Dronarivm. A Different Definition of Love is made up of six lengthy tracks where the titles parenthetically wordplay and spell out the word, [forget]. So from the top it becomes an homage to relationships lost, forgotten, parted. It’s […]