At the very top of the month we offered a Autumn kickstarter with a piece outlining some of the more interesting releases expected this time of year. As we close the calendar for November, this is meant to be a short, sweeping follow-up to keep you in tune with some we missed, and five just […]

Carlo Giustini | CustodiLontano/Rohs Records (CS/LP/DL) Trust me, I’m doing you a solid by telling you about this tape. The transgressively sublime signature of Carlo Giustini on Custodi is one for the ages. And while I often write about records I like, this one is that much more special. The warm drone is aided and […]

Tim Walters | Neither Here Nor ThereVauxflores Industrial (CD) Composed “on the bus” the latest from artist/composer Tim Walters, Neither Here Nor There, mastered here by the incredibly talented Thomas Dimuzio. Though this may be conceptually between places, it feels as though it has arrived, even from the very beginning of The Philadelphia Chromosome. Sure, […]

Leo Okagawa | Something VeiledUnfathomless (CD/DL) This is a nice introduction to the world of Japanese sound artist Leo Okagawa with regards to Unfathomless. Something Veiled was recorded mostly within a set of caves around Fukushima, made from limestone. As such it’s got this watery cavernous feel, but given the site one cannot divorce it […]

Jared Sagar | VornthsSilent (DL) We caught up with British composer Jared Sagar earlier this year when I reviewed his previous disc on Unfathomless, and in just three tracks it all comes back to me. Vornths is intense, fueled by the unseen, by its own shadows. Whatever his mysterious process might be, the resulting drone […]

Aidan Baker | The Forever Tapes Broken Spine Productions (CS/DL) Guitarist and composer Aidan Baker has one of those discographies that make you feel tired when you examine the sheer girth of it. Known primarily for his work with ambient doom duo Nadja, Baker has traversed just about every cranny of the experimental and ambient […]

AUME | The Tremblings of the AtmosphereSilent (DL) After interviewing AUME about a year ago I got an insider perspective on what they do and how they reach out for their vision. The duo of Scot Jenerik and Aleph Omega have a signature drone that will easily permeate any listening space, leaving a weightless foggy […]