Topdown Dialectic | Vol. 2Peak Oil (LP/DL) Eight tracks, each running for 5:27, simply numbered by side of this plain black wax. This is the follow-up to Topdown Dialectic‘s sold-out self-titled debut (2018) – both from LA-based Peak Oil. There are no pert descriptions of what the listener will engage themselves with here, it blurs […]

Dominik von Senger | Brüsseler PlatzInversions (LP/DL) Dominik von Senger has here collaged a grouping of various magnetic tape archival recordings alongside assistance from Reebop Kwaku Baah and Jaki Liebezeit. The Krautrock era guitarist has worked with and on many projects in the Cologne underground scene of the early 1980s, and it is bits and […]

Rod Modell | Captagon Tresor (CD/LP) With Captagon, Rod Modell offers up some more of the minimal, dub-inflected techno for which he is known. Fans of his prior work will no doubt recognise the mode in which he’s working – a faintly gloomy electro-work-out mushed together with a liberal coating of compression, such is the […]

Earthen Sea | Grass and Trees Kranky (CD/LP/DL) Earthen Sea is American producer Jacob Long. Making work since around 2003, this new release is grounded by its resolve to sooth, yet keep to a stimulating mix. Hints of Basic Channel fuse with an aerated set of warm ancestral beats. Earthen Sea has a clean, contemporary […]

Okzharp x Manthe Ribane Closer Apart (Hyperdub; 2xLP/CD/DL) Cape Town’s producer Okzharp and singer/artist Manthe Ribane have collaborated closely with filmmaker Chris Saunders on Closer Apart, the latest record just out on Hyperdub. The album begins with the watery interlude, W U @. Ribane’s vocal treatment is harmonic and jittery. As we are all bombarded […]