Oto Hiax | TwoEditions Mego (LP/DL) Mark Clifford and Scott Gordon are Oto Hiax, and this sophomore effort is no Jan Brady. In fact, Two is so steeped in seismic patterns and shifts you may consider a serious interruption in nature. They do so by pitching waves and other tactile electronics that begin to sound […]

Thomas Brinkman | RaupenbahnEditions Mego (LP/DL) Somewhere between music ethnomusicology and sociological study are Thomas Brinkman’s field recordings of 1700’s looms.  Entitled, Raupenbahn and recorded in hi definition in 2017 and 2014 (from the Central Museum of Textiles, Poland), these rhythmic noise tracks resonate profoundly in an organic ‘pre-industrial’ context.  Not only in their rhetorical […]

Pita | Get OnEditions Mego (LP/DL) Viennese sound bender and label-runner Peter Rehberg known as Pita has previously released Get Out (Mego, 1999), Get Down (Mego, 2002), Get Off (Häpna, 2004), Get In (Editions Mego, 2016) and now, for something a bit different, his latest Get On. With its gorgeous (and peculiar) coverart from the […]

Talk about Fall, new work is dropping quickly and October seems to be warming more than most Autumnal seasons of late, and it shows in a bevy of new releases – several highlighted here. The nineteen new records here are all releasing this week. Alex McKechnie‘s Degrees of Latitude manages to use computer code (C++), […]

Oren Ambarchi | Simian AngelEditions Mego (LP/DL) Two nice and lengthy leftfield tracks from Oren Ambarchi with the assistance of Cyro Baptista (percussion/voice). Palm Sugar Candy is a rather slow and meandering inner-thought charged piece with an curling synth drone and an open village folk tom tom. In its muted wash of faded neural vitality […]

Régis Renouard Larivière | Contrée Recollection/Editions Mego (LP/DL) A former teacher of electro-acoustic music at CFMI in Poitiers (1990-99) this is only Régis Renouard Larivière‘s second full-length recording, and his previous, Futaie/Tchernoziom garnered him the Ars Electronica Prize in 1996 and was released in 2000. The album, full of quizzical musique concrète abstractions, is dedicated […]