Régis Renouard Larivière | Contrée Recollection/Editions Mego (LP/DL) A former teacher of electro-acoustic music at CFMI in Poitiers (1990-99) this is only Régis Renouard Larivière‘s second full-length recording, and his previous, Futaie/Tchernoziom garnered him the Ars Electronica Prize in 1996 and was released in 2000. The album, full of quizzical musique concrète abstractions, is dedicated […]

Thighpaulsandra | Practical Electronics with…  Editions Mego (LP/DL) I’m unsure exactly how “practical” anything about the work of Cymry original Thighpaulsandra is, quite the opposite. His collaborative work over the last three decades has been impressive to say the very least. That said, even though it’s been since 2005’s excellent Double Vulgar II (2005, Beta-lactam […]

I-LP-ON | ÄÄNET Editions Mego (LP/DL) Rhythmic, minimal and austere, this I-LP-ON is a fitting tribute to the memory of the late Mika Vainio by his Pan Sonic partner Ilpo Väisänen. On this new release for Editions Mego, Väisänen takes inspiration from his experiences with the legendary outfit he and Vainio worked in for over […]

UUUU |self-titled Editions Mego (12″/DL) UUUU consist of a quartet of original musicians and sonic collaborators and members of Coil, Wire and Tomaga: Edvard Graham Lewis, Valentina Magaletti, Matthew Simms & Thighpaulsandra. Their self-titled EP includes two tracks and is released today. Side one is the trippy mindmeld of Electric Blanket. It’s an investigation of […]

EMERALDS Does It Look Like I’m Here? eMego Everyone seems to be talking about this record, so I finally had to sit down and reckon with it. Available on CD and in a double gatefold vinyl package the trio here is John Elliott, Steve Hauschildt and Mark McGuire and this is their third full-length release. […]

ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER Returnal Editions Mego Welcome to cryptic caustic contained chaos. Nil Admirari is an odd opener, but proves its point, taking no prisoners. This is Oneohtrix Point Never (Daniel Lopatin), a Bostonian building his bite since ’07. After entering this maze the blend of sounds land smack dab in a trancendentalist Tangerine Dream […]