Tapes and Topographies | Ubiquitous CloudsSimulacra (CD/DL) On the rare full-moon Friday the 13th of September 2019 Tapes and Topographies released their lucky seventh album care of Simulacra Records. Long-diminishing echoes pulse to give the title track a radar-like current.  Confident yet tender key strokes illuminate the soft drone as silvery lining.  From the get-go, […]

Based out of Chicago this is one library that I’m now a card-carrying member, and so you should consider. Now, this is not really a library in the traditional sense, and no card is necessary, but what you can check out, even if limited in stock as of yet (they’ve only been dba since ’14), […]

NEW PODCAST: To our programming we are adding a weekly half-hour Mixcloud podcast! The primary focus of these short programs will be teasers for what you may expect in the pages of Toneshift.net So sit back + enjoy + let us know if you like the format as feedback is always highly encouraged. The entire […]

Topdown Dialectic | Vol. 2Peak Oil (LP/DL) Eight tracks, each running for 5:27, simply numbered by side of this plain black wax. This is the follow-up to Topdown Dialectic‘s sold-out self-titled debut (2018) – both from LA-based Peak Oil. There are no pert descriptions of what the listener will engage themselves with here, it blurs […]

Brandon Auger | When Sails FoldMystery & Wonder Records (CDR/DL) This short record of sine wave oscillators and field recordings is something fresh from Halifax-based Brandon Auger on Mystery & Wonder Records. If you love minimalistic performative approaches, this is for your ears. It’s a dose of spatial and spacey considerations in short sonic nuggets. […]

Michael Donnelly | Why So Mute, Fond Lover?Front & Follow (CD/CS/DL) The opening passage sort of lurks restlessly. This is the new release from Michael Donnelly on Manchester’s innovative Front & Follow. Within Motions Are Man there are seemingly sections to this five minute track that follow only Donnelly’s unscripted rules. The listener will appreciate […]