Based out of Chicago this is one library that I’m now a card-carrying member, and so you should consider. Now, this is not really a library in the traditional sense, and no card is necessary, but what you can check out, even if limited in stock as of yet (they’ve only been dba since ’14), […]

NEW PODCAST: To our programming we are adding a weekly half-hour Mixcloud podcast! The primary focus of these short programs will be teasers for what you may expect in the pages of So sit back + enjoy + let us know if you like the format as feedback is always highly encouraged. The entire […]

Fahmi Mursyid | One Instrument SessionsOne Instrument (LP/DL) From Java, via the One Instrument record label, heralds the deep sensual organic compositions of the Fahmi Mursyid sessions.  Save for the press release, a listener may not comprehend that each of these six arrangements consist of one instrument each (all traditional Sundanese) – a strict guideline […]

Dominik von Senger | Brüsseler PlatzInversions (LP/DL) Dominik von Senger has here collaged a grouping of various magnetic tape archival recordings alongside assistance from Reebop Kwaku Baah and Jaki Liebezeit. The Krautrock era guitarist has worked with and on many projects in the Cologne underground scene of the early 1980s, and it is bits and […]

Nathaniel Young | Accosting Form, Pure IntentMysteries of the Deep (LP/CD/DL) We are always excited to hear someone’s public debut, and this is the first-ever I’ve also been exposed to from Mysteries of the Deep. Nathaniel Young‘s Accosting Form, Pure Intent at first reminds me of the first time I heard either Jan Jelinek or […]

In the past year we have been read by music lovers who appreciate work that falls far outside the pop realm in over one-hundred and forty-five countries worldwide (above are our actual numbers by statistical count). Analytics aside, our borders are always open, both to the people who read our pages, and to the artists […]

Seth Nehil | Skew / FlumeV A N I L L A (CD/DL) This release comprises two EPs: Skew (2014) and Flume (2017) from multimedia artist Seth Nehil. Having worked with Nehil over the years (as presented, as observer, as collaborator) I’ve realized that what really makes him stand-out as a singular artist is his […]