Forest Management | Passageways (Whited Sepulchre Records) Deaf Center | Low Distance (Sonic Pieces) Evelyn Glennie & Roly Porter | One Day Band (Trestle Records) Li Yilei | 0:00 (Ferric:Flux) This short lot brings about some of the most current nuances in contemporary electronic music, on the ambient side of things. It’s sometimes hard to […]

Allan Smyth | Spinning Focused Silence (CD/DL) In a single twenty-two minute track Allan Smyth makes every minute of Spinning count. It’s a kind of abstract aural sorcery. The drone billows in softly, with various textural actions tapping and nudging the edges at first as if it were a code of sorts. This all expands […]

Elnath Project | ~ Focused Silence (CD/DL) “Music cannot exist without sound.
 Sound exists by itself without music.
 Music evolves over time.
 The sound is timeless.
 It’s the sound that matters.
 Sound is strength.” – Giacinto Scelsi Elnath Project consists of trumpeter Alessandro Ciccarelli and his new record simply titled by the tilde symbol is […]

ON THE 12TH MONTH OF…..♬ Aside from the dusty white scapes of Bing Crosby, Burl Ives and the overly spangled reveals of Mariah Carey there are plenty of non-seasonal sounds wafting through the holiday airwaves that have nothing in common with tradition whatsoever. Or do they? Well, they sure do here at Toneshift where the […]

Silhouette Sect | Metahope Focused Silence (CD/DL) Bristol-based Silhouette Sect (Alastair Tanner) has just released this new soft spoken (w/a twist) recording with the folks at the stylish UK imprint Focused Silence. Starting off this short cycle of five tracks on Metahope, all lengthy pieces running from seven to thirteen minutes is Waiting for Eva […]

Chris Parmenidis 8B5C3B++ (Focused Silence; CD/DL) END/END ATMOSPHERE: Released today is this forty-three minute record from Greek producer Chris Parmenidis who creates a slow-moving ambient textured work filled with intense atmosphere. Consisting of the single title track it’s an awe-inspiring look at contemporary sound art and its ability to adapt to the unknowns of technology. […]

Tantric Doctors is Sheffield’s free jazz man Adam Woolf and his new album Karesansui (Focused Silence) is now out on CD/DL. One single forty-five minute improvised track fueled at first by clarinet and stony silences, jerky percussion and dubs. The channeled static is effective in that it breaks the teetering charm of the horn with […]