These four new releases represent some distinctively innovative directions in electronic music at the moment. From delicate sound design to nu-dub to multi-layered and restrained techno oscillation, each with its own distinct take on the medium. Belief Defect | Remixed 01  [ Raster – 12″/DL ] Efdemin | New Atlantis  [ Ostgut Ton – LP/CD/DL […]

For the last three months we have truly been inundated with diverse new releases, and because of volume and curation many of them miss hitting the pixels we produce here at We are so lucky to be able to have access to such a wide breadth of innovative sounds. Out of these numerous works […]

Released on Cosmo Rhythmatic (June 29), Ignis by Vainio & Vigroux is the first posthumous recording of collaborative work by Mika Vainio accompanied by Franck Vigroux. The title very loosely translates to “fire” in accordance to Etruscan origins. From the first track Brume this pairing stirs a dense cadence that is lush and mysterious. It’s […]