HXXS | Year of the WitchCaptured Tracks (LP/DL) This is the debut by Kansas City’s HXXS, the duo of Jeannie Colleene and Gavin Neves, a touring band who recorded Year of the Witch at any chance and place they could while on the road (laundromats, parking spots, etc.). When the needle hits the record it’s […]

Curt Cress | Dschung Tek Music From Memory (12″/DL) A portion of this new EP release was originally issued circa 1991/92 by German drummer Curt Cress (who worked with house fave, Nina Hagen) under the moniker of simply C.C. It also contains three deep cuts from his 1983 solo record Avanti. So since this is […]

Kaczmarek | K.A.C.Z.M.A.R.E.K. KCZMRK (2xLP/DL) Released today in a limited vinyl release of only 100 copies is the latest from Paris-based Paul Ritch here as Kaczmarek. Nine tracks steeped in deep electronic mystery, successively numbered starting with 1111. With added chirps and bubbly effects the fused drone starts to evolve and enchant. As he moves […]

Moon Relay | IMI Hubro (LP/DC/DL) Oslo-based Moon Relay are an experimental rock quartet made up of Daniel Meyer Grønvold, Håvard Volden, Ola Høyer and Christian Næss. and their new release IMI is out on October 19th, so this is a bit of an early peek. And that starts with the thumping #`´`´`´/ — yes […]

Lawrence | Illusion Dial (2xLP/CD) Out this week is the eighth full-length recording since 2002 from Berlin’s Lawrence (Peter M. Kersten) – here appearing on Dial for the first time since 2013, the label he helped co-found back in Y2K. Illusion is saturated in bubbly, fun sonic electronics. The cover art by Robin Bruch, with […]

Jason Forrest | Fear City Cock Rock Disco (DL) On Jason Forrest‘s Fear City, his first record in seven long years, nothing is held back. Come to think of it this is likely true for his entire output since the earliest days as DJ donnasummer. Known for his incredibly edited cut-ups, think Christian Marclay, but […]

Jlin | Music from Wayne McGregor’s Autobiography Planet Mu (2xLP/CD/DL) Since this record isn’t officially out until the end of the month I wanted to save it for the conclusion of Womens Work Week here at Toneshift.net. Plus, of all the incredible artists featured this week, Jlin is the only one I have had the […]