Futurebum | Zomiaself-released (DL) Review by: Anastasiia Romanova(Guest Writer) Impressions of Zomia are difficult to put words in, so I have to use a number of abstract concepts. It is a multifaceted meditation, an absolute departure into another reality. A wide musical – sound material created by the artist is developing dynamically, but at a […]

Get Your Drone On: Thanks to the good folks at Silent Records you can support the upcoming Dronesmuir II which will consist of three drone musicians at the rustic Wheelhouse restaurant on Saturday, October 19, 2019. Drone music will be performed by three artists on the Silent label: Jack Hertz (San Francisco)—small hand-percussion and acoustic […]

From Asia comes something new from Futurebum (Tristin Morin), the digital release of Tesseract Parietal. Just released on Underlying Themes Recordings at the tail end of February, it’s a nuanced ambient record with whispering voices as heard on the opener, Pythia. The initial atmosphere is timid and a bit of a darkened corridor. The artist shared […]