Equal Stones | Below Zero Glacial Movements (CD/DL) Since 2012 Equal Stones (aka Dutch artist Amandus Schaap) has been conjured several releases, either self-released or via Ukranian label Hidden Vibes. Here he has found a new home, and a wider audience (including myself) on the always generously atmospheric Italian imprint Glacial Movements. Below Zero is, […]

Frame | The Journey Glacial Movements (CD/DL) Frame (Eugenio Vatta/Andrea Benedetti) deliver an all encompassing spacial record, a deep ambient dive with a lunar glow. The two have been creating electronic landscapes as far back as the early 90’s. The concept on The Journey has to do with the planets in our universe – and […]

THE TONESHIFT TOP THREE: Though we managed to crank out more than four-hundred reviews in 2018, there were certain releases that broke the highest of expectations, or came in from left field here at Toneshift headquarters. Instead of another boring Top 10 list we decided to be extremely shrewd in our curation and pare down […]

Murcof | Lost in Time Glacial Movements (CD/DL) Released later this week is Mexican electronic artist Murcof‘s latest, Lost in Time which we previewed (videos, etc.) a while back here. It’s fourteen tracks broken into Chapitres I-XI with an intro, an epilogue and an audio exclusive track. The haunting lead-in is a melodic drone that […]

Releasing in one month’s time is the latest, a deluxe double vinyl set of work by Mexican electronic sound artist Murcof (aka Fernando Corona). This time around he’s collaborating with multimedia artist Patrick Bernatchez with a soundtrack for his film, which judging by the short preview reels looks quite spectacular. Of Corona’s many releases since […]

Tropic of Coldness Framed Waves (Glacial Movements; CD/DL) The album (out July 16), the duo’s third, begins with a slow-growing drone and a quiet, distant ring. Imagining a ‘tropic of coldness’ is like observing the overly exaggerated shifts in our own nature, and that which surrounds us. It is a dichotomy that is delivered in […]

Has it really been sixteen long years since we’ve had a solo record from the prolific Australian maestro Paul Schütze? It seems implausible, though understandable as he’s an in-demand multidisciplinary artist who also works within the scope of sensory/olfaction topics, visual and other fine art media. The Sky Torn Apart is on pre-order now (due […]

FRANCISCO LOPEZ Amarok Glacial Movements On Amarok sound sculptor Francisco López softens a savage terrain of whirring buzz like a brewing storm, then cuts suddenly, short and flat, to cool drone breezes. This lengthy hour plus work captures the sense of territorial distances, something akin to open torch flames and the echo of the outdoors. […]