From the Collectors Series of Confront Recordings comes Humyth by Sardinian experimental composers Giacomo Salis + Paolo Sanna (CDR) – dedicated to Steve Reid. Five untitled, improvised tracks begin with jangling clicks and other small disturbances. The dueling percussionists work off each other to develop chiseling sounds that imitate tropical birds mating and industrial mishegas. […]

EXPERIMENTAL NOISE FUSION: The Dutch duo of engineers Meglamancha (Freek Philippi & Marlon Wolterink) returns on Barcelona-based label Zona Watusa for their latest ep (Cassette, Digital), Megara. Released on May 29, in just three tracks running about twenty-eight minutes, the atmosphere is post-industrial with soundtrack-isms a-plenty on Poine. Next up on Telchine things get slightly rougher […]