Síria | Cuspo Crónica (CS/DL) The collective Portugese label Crónica has been bringing cutting edge, genre defying music since 2003 – and no signs of stopping here. This is Síria‘s debut (aka Diana Combo) and its an assortment of collaborations – field recordings, voice and vinyl records. At first, on Por Riba,  (partly recorded by John Grzinich) […]

Tue, 25 January 2011 Originally appeared on Resident Advisor Joe Colley Disasters of Self Agitated industrial friction slowly disperses. Somewhere amidst this parsed out recording you sense deconstruction in the delicate play of static. Perhaps it’s a field recording of rain? Joe Colley, a name synonymous with sound work often coalescing within its worldly, physical […]

Joe Colley :: Anthem: Static For Empty Life (C.I.P.) Joe Colley (Crawl Unit) releases a limited edition (500) 3″ CD clocking in at nineteen sedacious minutes. This is the type of recording that standardizes new genres somewhere ten years down the turnpike from where we are right now. Eleven minutes into this long player my […]