Fean | Fean Moving Furniture Records (CD/DL) The collective of seven came together as an artist-in-residence project in a church in the Frysian village, Katlyk. The collaboration resulted in an amorphous sound that ranges from squeaky noise to echo chambers filled with vocal murmurs, and so much in between. The players behind these nine tracks […]

Jos Smolders | Spaces Moving Furniture Records (2xCD/DL) The premise for this set of recordings is one I can get behind, the elusive open halls and passages of architecture, specifically museums. Being one who has been in my fair share, shown there, and wondered about the contents, the curation, the sense of remove between the […]

Preliminary Saturation You Are The Universe (Moving Furniture Records; CD/DL) Preliminary Saturation consists of duo Steffan de Turck and Wouter Jaspers who have been working together since 2008. On their seventh full release, also my introduction to their sound, the two have made something akin to a quasi remix of fellow Dutchman Jos Smolders‘ Textures […]