Voin Oruwu | Etudes From A Starship Kvitnu (CD/DL) As Titan opens there’s a spacey shimmer in the sweet theme emerging. A clear, bright journey has been launched by Kiev-based Voin Oruwu (Dmitriy Avksentiev). Between the tones and the gorgeous Mars-like surface textures of the brick-colored coverart (paintings courtesy Dmytro Fedorenko) this is a melodic […]

Cluster Lizard | Prophecy Prostir (CD/DL) Cluster Lizard is the duo made up of regular Kvitnu collaborators Kateryna Zavoloka and Dmytro Fedorenk which becomes their second official release, Prophecy. From the metallic glean of the cover to the twisted synthetic drone vibes of the content, this one sticks out in a crowded field this month. […]

Kotra | Freigeist Kvitnu (LP/CD/DL) The record opens with the writhing waves of The Capital Of Death – Contorted City — this is Kotra‘s new album Freigeist. Dmytro Fedorenko, the Vienna-based Ukranian artist/producer who co-runs the fantastic Kvitnu label has been bending sounds like these since the early 90’s – but here he’s on to […]

Ilpo Väisänen | Syntetisaattori Musiikkia Kuopiosta KVITNU (12″/DL) There is often only the faintest line between simplicity and complexity, between sparsity and richness, and it is upon this interval that Ilpo Väisänen’s Syntetisaattori Musiikkia Kuopiosta rests. It is not so much that Väisänen’s work is fragile – he has built his career upon both Pan […]

Zavoloka | Promeni Kvitnu (CD/DL) In Ukranian Promeni translates to ‘rays’ and that is what beams from the first chords of the title track of the latest recording from sound artist Zavoloka (Kateryna Zavoloka). From Kyiv but based in Vienna her wavy rhythm here takes an expansive shape that is formatted fully forward. It’s a […]