False Mirror SIGINT (Malignant; CD/DL) Just out is the first release in eight years from False Mirror (Tobias Hornberger) in the hour plus deeply encoded SIGINT (short for Signals Intelligence) on Maryland-based Malignant Records. Opening with a wall of soft drone, electronic surveillance and an avalanche we are introduced to Perimeter. It’s stylishly cosmic with […]

Greek duo Martyria (Lena Merkouri, George Zafiriadis) recently delivered their self-titled disc rich with five smoky spirituals on Malignant Records. Didgeridoo and drone combines with silky lithe vocals in a soothingly inebriating mix on Pneuma. Available in digital and compact disc formats as well as clear vinyl via Hammerheart. It’s as if they took some […]

Northern Californian based multi-instrumentalist Leila Abdul-Rauf releases her latest, Diminution this week, in follow-up to 2015’s Insomnia on Baltimore imprint Malignant Records. Slow and dreamy harmonic passages are scaped with foggy atmosphere throughout the title track. When voice is added on Life Leaving, a tranquil and velvety piece becomes awash in amber tonality. The guitar […]

YEN POX Blood Music Malignant Records Here is the re-release of the stunning dark ambient work by Yen Pox, Blood Music. Fifteen years after its original format this double disc edition is more than welcome, and released by the same label no less. Here it combines a two and a half hour expansion with additional […]