Arovane + Porya Hatami | C.H.R.O.N.O.S. Karlrecords (LP/DL) As this begins there are these curious conditions, as if a life support breathing machine is opposing this gentle bounce of a ping pong ball. The low-range is intense playing over a distant drone. German electronic sound artist Arovane + Iranian field recordist/experimenter Porya Hatami are an […]

Chi Factory | The Mantra Recordings Astral Industries (2xLP/DL) Dedicated to the life and work of Robert Lax (1915-2000), the American “dreamcatcher” poet who lived on Patmos, Greece. The recording is eighty-four minutes in length, consisting of four equal parts that are part chant, part field recording and most definitely all in a hazy dreamstate. […]

Qluster | Elemente Bureau B (LP+CD/CD) Out just today is the latest from the most recent iteration of the “-luster continuum” (ranging back to the early 70s), as in early incarnations such as Kluster, then Cluster (you may recall their collab with Brian Eno) and since 2011 it’s been Qluster. Gone are legendary sonic craftsmen […]

Silhouette Sect | Metahope Focused Silence (CD/DL) Bristol-based Silhouette Sect (Alastair Tanner) has just released this new soft spoken (w/a twist) recording with the folks at the stylish UK imprint Focused Silence. Starting off this short cycle of five tracks on Metahope, all lengthy pieces running from seven to thirteen minutes is Waiting for Eva […]

Gavin Miller | Shimmer Sound in Silence (CD/DL) Grecian label Sound in Silence has released the latest post-rock ambient work by British musician Gavin Miller (This Is It Forever) titled Shimmer. And it does. They are considering this set of a half-dozen tracks to be a mini LP, and it’s slowness seems to make you […]

VelgeNaturlig | Kundalini Winter-Light (CD/DL) We ease into the drifting drone of Portugese sound artist VelgeNaturlig (Ivo Santos) as he releases Kundalini on Dutch imprint Winter-Light. Blurring the lines of mystics and surveyors the setting is a many layered set of grey tones and soft bass harmonies on Padmasana. The air is ever-shifting, yet dense […]