As we move into our third full month of podcasting, our programming has slowly begun to expand. Here you can hear some new works by some of the most progressive sound artists around. Tomorrow we debut our monthly Label Spotlight series with Moscow’s Mikroton, and on Saturday please tune in for our next episode in […]

Bienoise | Most Beautiful Design Mille Plateaux (FL/DL) Out on November 16th is the mini album by Turin-based artist/producer Bienoise (Alberto Ricca) which will serve as the launch to the legendary Mille Plateaux imprint that was founded in 1994 (and being relaunched by) by Achim Szepanski, though went through various iterations and periods of radio […]

        Originally published 4/28/2010   TJ Norris :: Greetings from the Northwest USA! So, I hear there may be a resurgence for the label Mille Plateaux, yes? How would you describe your role? Marcus Gabler :: I do everything. A&R is the most important of course, but I also do Business Development, […]

  Beequeen :: A Touch of Brimstone (CD by Korm Plastics) Beequeen (Frans de Waard and Freek Kinkelaar) have released A Touch of Brimstone the newest stealth recording from a powerfully growing discography. Comprised of ten tracks this collection includes never before released recordings from their vaults dated from 1989 through 1996. The din is […]

Here are some introductory videos from the recently revamped Mille Plateaux and VerticalFM. These are the folks behind the Clicks & Cuts compilations, Force Intel and other emerging labels. Earlier this year I conducted an interview with label guru Marcus Gabler here at Igloo Magazine.