In this episode of our random, and ongoing Origins series you can expect the unexpected, with some beats, puzzling additions, some quirky, some mathematical. This episode attempts to cover tracks released over the past four decades, with the intent of delivering something with a sense of ease and grace. If your ears are tickled why […]

The twang and meandering tones here and there will put you into a new headspace, and we could all use that sense of shift, yes? With a new decade and all? Sounds from as far as Lithuania and Singapore, Portugal and Ireland, Norway and Germany. You have the whole world, in your ears! FOLLOW / […]

Contributor Saul Bleaeck (aka Hïdrō) kickstarts his brand-new monthly series, the eponymous BLEAECK. The first show, titled Droneruary focuses on various drones and other emissions. He’s featuring several outsider artists who will surprise your senses. Follow our podcast to keep up-to-date on a variety of new programming. TRACKLIST Primal Synapse: Empty Convenience Hotdag RollerRemora: weakness-strengthInnesti: […]

Kicking off Toneshift’s 2020 Guestmix Series is an incredibly talented duo, two free improv soundsmiths from the US capitol known collectively as BLK TAG. Their mix is deeply steeped in breaking traditions with all the subtle nuances that populate their regional scene and far beyond. They also created their guestmix as a very special dedication. […]

To kickstart 2020, a new decade, we are featuring: Stephane Garin & Jean Philippe Gross, Viv Corringham, Mike Weis, Zachary Zena Giberson, Will Guthrie, CEL (Felix Kubin & Hubert Zemler), Gintas K, 霉菌病 and Memorymusic. Also, watch for our new Guestmix series, every Saturday! LIKE | SHARE | FOLLOW | EMBED | RE-POST

My friends and fellow listeners, we have come to the end of 2019, and the end of another decade. We are headed towards the nu-roaring twenties now. This is a bit of a crossover episode of our weekly podcast which comes in a little late (due to being amidst the holiday season). We didn’t want […]