Giona Vinti | OrcElli Records (DL) Hold on for a vicious ride in these brute four ‘layers’ conjured by Milanese composer Giona Vinti in Orc.  All four tracks consist of arrhythmic chaotic effect layering.  They are numbered simply one through four. This is how I hear it: Layer 1: With video game like blips interface […]

E Millar | no instrument machine, airMystery & Wonder Records (CD/DL) A groaning din–heavy bass undulating tone-field sets the mood for what ensues as a horrific animus industrialite in-dwelling that is Montreal-based Elizabeth Millar’s no instrument machine, air.  Within seconds of its twenty-two minutes the listener must confront how to approach what they are experiencing.  […]

Fabio Perletta + Asmus Tietchens Deflections (aufabwegen; CD/DL) Asmus Tietchens, in my humble opinion, is by far one of the most underrated German composers of his era. Recording since the late 70’s the man has a discography a mile long, including multiple collaborations, like this one, with Italian field recording sound artist Fabio Perletta, he […]

Chelidon Frame Left Bank (self-released; CS/DL) It’s definitely time to break out ye olde Walkman. This new tape, the third release from Milan’s Chelidon Frame, is one of the more enigmatic records this year. Eigenlicht is loaded with microscopic surface effects and perplexing tones, darkly moody. The ten tracks across Left Bank are bathed is […]

Yiorgis Sakellariou in Aulis (Unfathomless; CD/DL) The Lithuanian-based composer made a pilgrimage to the Ancient Greek temple of Artemis in Aulis, Greece and this is what ensued. At first the extremely faintly audible granular rumble may have you immediately popping on a pair of headphones, but at about two minutes into this 43 minute singular […]