This week we dropped out of the daily crunch to piece together something that will hopefully make you feel relaxed, and even a bit lost! Please enjoy, follow, tell some friends and we expect to be back next week for the next installment.

All of these are out on the shelves (virtual and otherwise) released today, and believe you me, it’s an A to Z of challenging, ethereal and otherwise thrilling sounds from various points on the planet. Tune in! Dose Curves (Backward Music) is the latest from Montreal-based harpist Sarah Pagé. Her experimental sound is ambient and […]

MYMK | Garlands Sounds et al (CD/DL) Brazilian native Bruno Sres, as MYMK brings on pure electronic abstraction on Garlands. As if a rainstorm has gone through a tin filter at various velocities and measurements, Mother Dear is an edgy opener that may distract some, but it also clears the air for what comes after. […]