Gabriele Mitelli | The World Behind the SkinWeInsist! Records (CD/DL) The release contains two poetic prose premises (written by Nicola Di Croce and Rob Mazurek) however, the four track album The World Behind the Skin by Gabriele Mitelli remains shrouded in suspense, harsh-romanticism, even with hints of passive-aggression.  The self-aware sonic abstractions take on a […]

Shapednoise | AesthesisNumbers (LP/DL) Sicily’s Nino Pedone is Shapednoise, but it’s that and much more on Aesthesis. From the flame-red figuration on the cover, the short opener Intriguing (In The End) featuring Mhysa on a half-sung and otherwise emoted spooky overture. This flaming drone persists right into Blaze (w/Justin K Broadrick), this thing purrs or […]

Thomas Brinkman | RaupenbahnEditions Mego (LP/DL) Somewhere between music ethnomusicology and sociological study are Thomas Brinkman’s field recordings of 1700’s looms.  Entitled, Raupenbahn and recorded in hi definition in 2017 and 2014 (from the Central Museum of Textiles, Poland), these rhythmic noise tracks resonate profoundly in an organic ‘pre-industrial’ context.  Not only in their rhetorical […]

Giona Vinti | OrcElli Records (DL) Hold on for a vicious ride in these brute four ‘layers’ conjured by Milanese composer Giona Vinti in Orc.  All four tracks consist of arrhythmic chaotic effect layering.  They are numbered simply one through four. This is how I hear it: Layer 1: With video game like blips interface […]

Seasons (pre-din) | Distortions of a CellForwind (CD/DL) If within the first few moments of Distortion of a Cell one is not enraptured by the rhythmic noise and pulsating mechanical beats, listeners may have neglected the grand contemplative noise that Seasons (pre-din) generates in this cathartic odyssey.  The first three tracks evolve in a theme […]

Chefkirk, Hal McGee & IroningHymn (CDR/DL) The trio made up of Chefkirk (Roger H. Smith), Hal McGee & Ironing (Andrew Chadwick) are releasing a new disc under their name as a trio, two lengthy untitled experimental electronic tracks (32 mins). They break from quietude like a small woodland creature in the cragged brush in Autumn. […]