Bionulor | Bionulor Oniron (CD/DL)   Here we revisit the 2009 debut of Sebastian Banaszczyk (Bionulor) out on Oniron, the artist’s own imprint, which has been remastered and extended with two additional tracks (both previously released on other compilations). This is described as “100% sound recycling” and was originally recorded between 2006-09. We also recently […]

Bionulor | A.S. Oniron (CD/DL) This is Polish sound artist/actor/educator Sebastian Banaszczyk‘s eighth full-length since 2009 and under the moniker Bionulor and it would seem this is dedicated to source material of classical composer Alexander Scriabin or here simply A.S. And just as he has in work of the past dedicated his recording to other […]