Talk about Fall, new work is dropping quickly and October seems to be warming more than most Autumnal seasons of late, and it shows in a bevy of new releases – several highlighted here. The nineteen new records here are all releasing this week. Alex McKechnie‘s Degrees of Latitude manages to use computer code (C++), […]

Philippe Petit | Descent into the MaelstromOpa-Loka (CD/DL) Inspired by the work of Edgar Allan Poe, Descent into the Maelstrom is the latest in a long line of often stimulating and off-center recordings by Philippe Petit. And surprise, this is a whole new ball of wax that is more than slightly off the rails. From […]

MAKING (+ Breaking) SOUND BARRIERS + TAKING NAMES!: Compilations are often a dime a dozen, ordinarily they are showcases for a label, and unless the material is exclusive to it, are a bit of a hard sell in general. Though, I always give them a spin, for context, for the hopeful discovery of hidden gems. […]