This is our 6th edition in the podcast sub-series, Origins! The series attempts to delve into the archival sound catalogue here at the Toneshift headquarters, in the passionate quest to cultivate genuine sonic nuggets, and make connections over time. This week we are featuring diverse work that seemingly connects universal dots from: Leonard Rosenman, Pierre […]

This is our first-ever podcast Guestmix collaboration, here with Zurich-based sound artist Simon Grab. This is an opportunity for an artist to share works that have inspired them or made them think twice, including mixing their own work in for good measure, as is here. His astute ear brings us some seriously odd bits from […]

Two compilations come out this week that at first glance may seem dissimilar to each other, but on further inspection, the aims and goals of both seem to seek the same path. Both compilations are curated by individuals wishing to bring the unheard into the light. Simultaneously both compilations focus on the obscure, giving a […]