These four new releases represent some distinctively innovative directions in electronic music at the moment. From delicate sound design to nu-dub to multi-layered and restrained techno oscillation, each with its own distinct take on the medium. Belief Defect | Remixed 01  [ Raster – 12″/DL ] Efdemin | New Atlantis  [ Ostgut Ton – LP/CD/DL […]

From Raster comes the new record Applied Autonomy by electronic virtuoso Robert Lippok (To Rococo Rot, etc.). Though this Berlin-based producer is quite active collaboratively, this is his first solo record since 2011 (also on the same label), and his sound has matured into a fine vintage as explored here. The record will be released […]

From the luminous Raster label comes a single-sided, laser-engraved vinyl (edition of 300) in a classy gold foil stamped cardboard slipcase which includes a CD and flyer. Austere from its wrapper, what you get once you press play is eighteen minutes that range from the dusty aesthetics of a sleepy post-waltz to a cheeky look […]