Martyria is a rather new dark/ritual ambient duo formed in 2015 and hailing from Greece. They use ritualistic instruments and their chants are based on eschatological texts, these two are the primary elements that define their music. Martyria is a path of studying the origin, nature and destiny of the human psyche. Want to know […]

MSMiroslaw | Organes de la Voix Trasponsonic (CDR) Subtitled Chants Funèbres pour AHYHW this was recorded inside a nuraghe (a megalithic megalithic edifice found in Sardinia) using only voice (or in this case, organs for the voice). The indulgent echoes fill the space in this definitively ritualistic-style dark ambient record filled with reverb, smoke and mirrors. […]

Greek duo Martyria (Lena Merkouri, George Zafiriadis) recently delivered their self-titled disc rich with five smoky spirituals on Malignant Records. Didgeridoo and drone combines with silky lithe vocals in a soothingly inebriating mix on Pneuma. Available in digital and compact disc formats as well as clear vinyl via Hammerheart. It’s as if they took some […]