Rafael Toral | Constellation In Still TimeRoom40 (CD/DL) In nearly seventy-three minutes this new Constellation In Still Time by Rafael Toral openly unravels, paced like a prolonged short story (AER 7 G was originally written in 1992). With an ambient aura Toral rolls out melodic wave tones that sound like sonic strings and chime-like vibes […]

Del Lumanta | PreparationsA Guide To Saints/Room40 (CS/DL) Sydney’s so-called ‘bubble artist’ (an indigenous paradigm) is DJ and teacher Del Lumanta who has just put a strangely striking new recording out on tape via Room40’s sister label A Guide To Saints. These thirty six minutes are comprised of four parts: Preparations I-III and the seventeen […]

Ian Wellman | BioaccumulationRoom 40 (CD/DL) The composer and field recordist, Ian Wellman comes back on Room 40 to present Bioaccumulation: his new work inspired by his latest biological studies. In science the term bioaccumulation is used to indicate the phenomenon of accumulation of substances in an organism that absorbs them faster than it loses them. Wellman […]

John Chantler | Tomorrow Is Too LateRoom40 (LP/CD/DL) Since Y2K Australian artist John Chantler (b. Sweden) has been dialating quizzical microtonal sounds into shaped utopias. On Tomorrow Is Too Late he’s found a sweet spot, though it’s more in the realm of post-classical in these two lengthy compositions than ever before. His is an industrious […]

What do we have here? In fact, more than a handful of strange gems that glisten in their own particular light. These selections are all out this month, and some are quite outstanding, a few others are sonically charged, still the remainder may offer a double-take…. Bella‘s Hadron (Pan Y Rosas Discos) leads this list […]

Todd Anderson-Kunert | ConjecturesRoom40 (LP/DL) Starting from its very title, the previous album by Todd Anderson-Kunert I had a chance to scrutinize – 2017’s When There Is Nothing Left To Say (Nonlinear) – already expressed the Australian’s prompt perception of what should be obvious to any authentically conscious being: the human language is a frustratingly […]