France Jobin | Solitude Silent (DL) Honestly I sit here and wonder how much solitude this lady is getting these days, after spying on social media, what looked as though an all-encompassing trip around the world to down under, only to return to wintery Montreal where she is labouring in her spare time on water […]

Valerio Camporini F. | Multitemporal Designs Line (DL) Roman artist Valerio Camporini F. has been involved as a label runner, in interactive projects, soundtracks and other collaborations. Multitemporal Designs was mastered by Stephan Mathieu and poses some big conceptual questions about: “Impossible devices, made with metallic spheres weighting a tonne, hitting 100 meters long strings, […]

Catherine Christer Hennix | Selected Early Keyboard Works Empty Editions/Blank Forms (2xLP/DL) I’m always thrilled when I have the opportunity, amidst so much new talent that I’m exposed to regularly, to discover an artist’s work, an experienced septuagenarian, for the very first time. Four of Swedish composer (and Renaissance woman) Catherine Christer Hennix‘s works are […]

Stephan Mathieu Radiance (Schwebung; CDx12; DL) Special to Review by Darren McClure The Radiance series began with a crowd-funded request by its creator, Stephan Mathieu, the best part of two years ago. From that point, 12 installments were released digitally on a semi-regular basis, and the physical edition has been released this month. 12 […]

Celer Nacreous Clouds (Remastered) (Two Acorns; CD/DL) DOUBLE-TAKE: This is the second in a series where two blogs co-share reviews on a single recording. Partnering on this go are Kevin Press of Toronto-based Badd Press and + myself ( – where we dedicate this Double-Take column to the remastered re-release of Celer‘s (Will Long) Nacreous […]

Memorial Day should always celebrate those pioneering spirits who came before us. One such visionary, Italian multidisciplinary artist Simone Forti, with the aid of LA label Saltern, has compiled Al Di Là alongside Tashi Wada. Now in her eighties she has worked with some of the most celebrated noisemakers including LaMonte Young, Charlemagne Palestine, Z’EV […]