On Corrosion | Various ArtistsThe Helen Scarsdale Agency (10xCS/Box) Enclosed in this sweet handcrafted wooden jewel-like box are ten separate tapes by as many artists as follows: Kleistwahr, Neutral, Pinkcourtesyphone, Alice Kemp, She Spread Sorrow, G*Park, Relay For Death, Francisco Meirino, Fossil Aerosol Mining Project, and Himukalt. This limited edition marks 50th release for the […]

Jim Haynes | Inconclusive Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere. (CS/DL) From Californian artist and curator Jim Haynes (The Helen Scarsdale Agency) comes the latest, Inconclusive. Consisting of five pieces, this is a work of gradations, starting with blotched. The immediacy of its industrial premise is unknown, which easily leads you into this noise collage blindfolded. It’s my […]

Bloom Offering | Episodes The Helen Scarsdale Agency (LP/DL) Seattle’s Nicole Carr is Bloom Offering and though she’s put out a small handful of tapes via various labels, this is her very first vinyl LP, Episodes offered through the always enigmatic The Helen Scarsdale Agency run by experimental sound artist Jim Haynes, serving deep listening […]