There Is A Home by Cæcilie Overgaard

Cæcilie Overgaard | There Is A Home Clang (DL) Out tomorrow is the latest from Danish electroacoustic composer, Cæcilie Overgaard. The work is somewhat austere, opening with a crackling icy sound and other vibrations. On a few tracks you will hear additional trumpet by Tim Ewé and vocal by Mathias Hammerstrøm. Mic Test One balances the crusty thin ice with the harmonic tones of a wavy synth. The whole recording has a running time of thirty-three minutes, a perfect introduction, and her second full-length after Lydbølgen af hjerteslag back in 2015. I like her assertive electronica, especially on the title … Continue reading There Is A Home by Cæcilie Overgaard

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