©Pieter-Jan_Minnebo Under the alias Machinefabriek, Rutger Zuydervelt has made a name for himself as a diverse and experimental composer and improviser, whose work exists equally in areas of ambient, noise, minimalism, drone, field recordings and electro-acoustic music. Over little more than a decade he has amassed an almost inhumane amount of recordings, collaborating with an […]

For the past twenty years, Janek Schaefer has manipulated vinyl and found sounds into mesmerising soundscapes in his pursuit of creating beauty.  I spoke with him about his early influences, the helping hand of serendipity and how his approach has developed over the years.  His latest album, What Light There Is Tells Us Nothing, distills […]

Ambient lovers rejoice. In the spirit of deep-listenership, here’s a recent interview with Brisbane-based Mike G. (aka Mike Watson, or the other way around) of Ambient Music Guide. You can check him out on Mixcloud, Twitter and also on his podcast. Even within the somewhat niche field and sub-genres of ambient music, AMG and Toneshift.net […]

This is a Recognition Test of the Mixlr broadcasting system, this is only a test. Tune into the experimental Italian radio program Unexplained Sounds today, July 1st (2-4PM Central Standard Time) as Toneshift.net‘s TJ Norris Guest DJ’s the final half hour! This is our first collaboration, and if you love sounds from the deepest reaches, […]

With Jamaican accents and a sleek brushed coating comes Rival Consoles latest,  London-based Ryan Lee West’s fifth full-length on Erased Tapes since 2009. After being intrigued by his 2011 effort Kid Velo, and confused by the less effervescent, extremely quirky Howl, it sounds as though Rival Consoles has found itself, a surefire stylistic voice, in […]

Here at Toneshift we will feature some of the more interesting, creative videos out there, circulating monthly. Since this is our first month back in a while, we thought to kick things off with some really powerful pieces cultivated from the endless, far-reaching web. This month it’s all about the ladies making some serious waves. […]

Here at Toneshift I am interested in the overall audio experience – and that means what you listen to and how it’s delivered. A few industry leaders have reached back to me to offer a trial of their headphones, portable devices and speakers and I will break them down in terms of what they offer […]

Welcome to Toneshift! Where atonality meets sonic boom in a half twist past midnight. Here you will experience the world of new and experimental sound through the ears of music journalist and artist TJ Norris. Former writer with artNews, Vital Weekly, Leonardo Magazine, Paris Transatlantic, Just Out, Signal to Noise, Grooves and Igloo Magazine among […]