Episode #9 of our podcast focuses on some of the latest sound hybrids via upcoming releases. This week we feature: OTTO (Germany), Pink Shabab (UK), Moth Cock (USA), IMA (Japan), Kalte (Canada), Ensemble ILÉA (Canada) and RAIC (USA) – in that order. You may also notice that we updated our look a touch. These artists […]

This week I dug back into the time capsule annals to find lesser known works by underground, leftfield artists who all have made their marks and will never slip between the cracks. One of the earliest tracks from Pink Floyd, Chris Carter and The Human League that prove their roots were not just based in […]

In early 2020 Toneshift marks its 10th Anniversary (2010-2020)! And with this momentus historic occasion, on our small social network of music lovers and fantastic contributors, we are moving into a new generation (quite literally). Our current model will begin its morph into what is already online via the Toneshift on Mixcloud podcast – and […]

This week we dropped out of the daily crunch to piece together something that will hopefully make you feel relaxed, and even a bit lost! Please enjoy, follow, tell some friends and we expect to be back next week for the next installment.